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“I have known Dehlia for 4 years and I can’t speak highly enough of her. My first contact with her was back in 2014 when she came into my sphere on the recommendation of Joe Fennessey, the local attorney. As the branch manager of a local bank, I was the guardian of a very elderly gentleman (who had dementia) and I was in great need of caregiving assistance. Dehlia came in and organized a team of people to give care. She worked tirelessly to see that this gentlemen had the necessary people there to meet his needs. She recruited, interviewed, checked backgrounds and did all those necessary and proper actions to verify that the persons that were hired were qualified.

After about 8 months of part-time assistance to this gentleman, he fell in his home and needed hospitalization. Upon his release Dehlia expanded and hired additional workers to meet the needs of 24-hour care in order for this patient to stay in his home. She did the scheduling and interviewing of all the new help. This involved the use of the CDASS program and their requirements. This was all done in the most exemplary and professional manner. She helped me with the budgeting of the limited funds from the state program, (CDASS) so that care was optimized with the least cost.

You can rest assure and put your mind at ease that Dehlia will perform her duties above and beyond her call. She is competent and very professional. You will be completely satisfied with her performance. I recommend her very enthusiastically to you.”

-David Wilson

“Delhia was an angel that came into our lives approximately 5 years ago. My mother was slowly failing and was in and out of the hospital and in therapy and my dad was very resistent to anyone coming into the home. When we finally got support from my mother’s physician to get help in the home Delhia came in and slowly made it possible for my mom to have the care she needed.

As time went on my mom needed more care and Delhia hired and scheduled extra help and kept record of the daily activities in the home. My father was not receptive to anyone in the home and was extremely difficult towards the caregivers. He ran people off and Delhia was amazing in her skills to communicate with my father and because she had my mothers best interest at heart she never let my dad intimidate her.

I know that Delhia loved my mother and showed it through the wonderful care she provided and made sure others gave the same quality of care daily. I never worried about my mom and was kept up to date on any changes or concerns. I continue to refer Delhia to others who need help with elderly parents, because of the experience my family had with her.”

-Elizabeth Pearce-Babcock