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Caregiver and senior

Western Slope In-Home Care is licensed to provide personal care services by the Colorado Department of Health. Our caregivers provide both personal and non-personal care.

Our personal care services include:

Our non-personal care services include:

Examples of situations where these services may be applied:

  1. After a fall
  2. After a stroke
  3. After a hip replacement
  4. After pneumonia, etc.

Also remember, we can take care of the younger population for example;

  1. After a woman has had a baby or twins and has other children at home
  2. After back, knee or hip surgery
  3. After a broken arm or leg
  4. Help for people living with severe depression who need assistance to carry out everyday tasks.

For the very independent:
You may be an independent person and you may not need personal care other than a little housekeeping and laundry and the “extras” from time to time. We can schedule a once-a-week visit. Remember, you’re the director of your care. You have all week to think about what you’d like to be done in 2 to 3 hours your caregiver is in your home. It’s the care you can count on to make a difference.

A reminder of the little extras services that we can provide:
Housekeeping, Laundry, Transportation, Errands, Shopping, Meal Preparation